AR&PA in society

It is a varied set of rewarding, fun, entertaining, entertaining, entertaining and educational events and activities, open to the general public but specifically targeted at certain groups of people.

These activities are grouped into different programmes:

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Programming of theatrical performances, musical performances, traditional festive and sporting expressions and manifestations, screenings that take place in the experimental theatre hall or in the exhibition spaces of the Miguel Delibes Cultural Centre.

It offers a significant sample of the intangible cultural heritage and the creative diversity of society. It takes place over the four days of AR&PA, is aimed at the general public and aims to disseminate the lesser-known aspects of cultural heritage.


Physical and cognitive accessibility to cultural heritage is one of the essential objectives of all editions of AR&PA. The organisation of the AR&PA Biennial encourages, promotes and recognises the creation of accessible content by exhibitors.

The participation of institutions and organisations working on accessibility and the presentation of their projects and initiatives is also encouraged.


In order to involve various entities and institutions with AR&PA, as an event for participation, approach and knowledge of cultural heritage, agreements are established so that visitors to the AR&PA Biennial can enjoy free visits to other centres that guard, research, conserve and exhibit cultural heritage.

By means of voucher cards it is possible to visit various cultural institutions in Castilla y León and enjoy the contemplation of their assets and collections.


The AR&PA Volunteering programme is being developed to raise young people’s awareness of cultural heritage, complete their academic training and provide them with a unique experience.

Aimed at people between 18-35 years old, preferably students or recent graduates in disciplines related to Cultural Heritage. Available full or part-time (mornings or afternoons), to collaborate in the tasks of information and assistance in the development of events.

*Download volunteer registration form AR&PA 2022

To ensure the enrichment of the experience, the AR&PA organisers programme for the participants:

    • An AR&PA Biennial information session 
    • Facilitating attendance at technical conferences, congresses and other events of interest to you
    • Provide a participation certificate


Participatory activities in which the participants are the protagonists. Guided by a monitor, they learn about the characteristics and values of cultural heritage in a didactic and fun way.

A variety of activities are planned:

 – AR&PA in Family

Workshops aimed at the participation of parents and children to carry out manual, musical or corporal expression activities.

– AR&PA School children

Workshops for schoolchildren at different educational levels in which they learn about the function, symbolism and characteristics of cultural heritage by playing and creating.

– AR&PA Young people

Digital and creative programmes and games to stimulate the imagination and sociability of the participants, as well as fun learning.

– AR&PA Experience

Workshops aimed at adults in which knowledge of the characteristics, creative capacity, scientific and technological advances linked to cultural heritage are encouraged.


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