AR&PA Forums/Meetings

This is a key section in the conception and programming of the AR&PA Biennial as a participatory event for exchange and reflection on the intervention and management of cultural heritage. It is fundamentally of a technical and dissemination nature, open to all audiences and with a threefold orientation: 


Brief and dynamic explanations, lasting between 15-29 minutes, on a project, intervention or initiative. They take place in the exhibition area of the Junta de Castilla y León or in the spaces assigned to the different institutions and companies.


Sessions to present a monographic theme with the participation of various entities, companies and professionals. Aimed at presenting a project of interest to a wide audience to reflect on the criteria for intervention and management of cultural heritage.

They are promoted by the AR&PA organisation or by external proposals from entities, companies and professionals.

Exhibitors, researchers, institutions, companies and various groups participate and share experiences on new techniques, innovative projects and new technologies applied to the conservation, intervention, research, dissemination and management of Cultural Heritage.

A programme is established establishing days and times. They are held in halls equipped for this function with a capacity for 30-50 people.

Business and professional meetings

Meetings and exchange of experiences, projects, criteria and solutions between institutions, companies and professionals.

Its objective is to exchange information and establish professional and business relations with the exchange and commercialisation of services and technology applied to cultural heritage.

These activities are known as networking (meetings between professionals-businesses and entrepreneurs), b2b (business-to-business), b2c (business-to-citizen).

These meetings are held in spaces set up and designated for this purpose. They are open and spontaneous meetings that take place during AR&PA and are intended to last over time, creating links and business and professional collaborations.


Deadline: 15 October 2022

Together with this application form, duly completed and signed, exhibitors must send via email to proof of payment of 50% of the above-mentioned amount, which is a prerequisite for this application to be accepted for processing, undertaking to pay the remaining 50% before 15 October 2022.